JOIN 2021-2022 PTO Today!

Make sure you join the 2021-2022 PTO! Join HERE to fill out the form and pay.
($20 for families and $10 for LFH staff)

Membership Benefits: 

  • Belonging to an awesome group of parents, families and teachers.  Your membership supports your student and their school!
  • Get on exclusive PTO Email list to stay up to date with everything going on at LFH
  • $2 off LFH T-shirts (perfect for field trips and school spirit days)
  • Free car sticker to show your school pride (while supplies last!)
  • Ice Cream party for the class with the highest percentage of members by October 1st

 Where does your money go?  Just a few examples…. 

  • $150 in school supplies for all teachers who join the PTO
  • Free access for all student to the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program
  • Student Folders and Planner for All Students (over 700!)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)Endowment Fee
  • Popcorn Fridays (just ask your kids!)
  • Equipment/Supplies that benefit the entire school like a poster maker, chairs for special events, sound equipment ukuleles for music, PE equipment, and more…
  • Support student and family events (Covid dependent!): Family Movie Night, Field Day, STEAM Day, Dolphin Dash Fun Run, and so much more!

Open Houses are Underway at LFH!

It’s hard to believe that the start of school is finally near! Our kids have given up a lot since they were last there: set bedtimes, set mealtimes, limits on screen time. But they were troopers and put up with it! And they’re ready. We’re ready. And LFH is ready!

Things will, of course, be different. LFH has worked hard over the last month to ensure that everyone feels ready and safe. And we have no doubt that our children will be putting their full IB learner profiles to use as we all work to be balanced and open-minded and caring. And there will be much about which they will inquire and on which they might reflect. And all of us – LFH Faculty and Staff, and LFH Parents and Guardians – will be there to help them.

Some things to keep in mind this week:

  1. Open Houses are underway at LFH. They are, of course, different this year. If you are unsure of your child’s teacher, just give LFH a call. There is a schedule here.
  2. The Richmond County Board meets tonight. Our Superintendent, Dr. Bradshaw, will give them his recommendations on F2F learning, and the Board will then vote. The meeting starts at 5 pm and will stream live here.
  3. We have the new 2020-2021 LFH t-shirts! They’re on sale now, and we’ll post soon with details on how to purchase them. They feature Symms Schweser’s winning design, and they were printed by Showpony as part of their We Give a Shirt campaign this summer. We made sure to get plenty of extras for those who missed them back in July.
  4. Finally, while the LFH PTO will likely work a bit differently this school year, we still have teachers and faculty we need to support, and your membership dues all go towards that. You can sign up and pay online here.

Thank you, everyone!

Open House :: Mon, 8/5 :: 3 – 6pm

Parents and students are invited to come see their classrooms and meet their teachers on Monday, August 5th from 3 – 6pm.

This is a great opportunity to bring your school supplies to save time on the first day of school. School supply lists can be found here:

All new students who have not yet registered can register by visiting the front office between the hours of 8am and 4pm from 7/29 – 8/1. Registration will also be open on 8/5 from 10am – 2pm.

First day of school is Tuesday, August 6th. Don’t forget the new school hours: 7:30am – 2:30pm. Parents are welcome to walk their student(s) to their classroom(s) on the first day!

Registration is open for the 2019-2020 school year!

If you have a rising kindergartener or first grader, please come and register at Lake Forest Hills Elementary by April 24, 2019.

And the late application process for School Choice is still available on the Richmond County website ( for those who are not in the LFH zone and who want to apply.

Documents Required for Registration:

  • Proof or Residence:  Current Mortgage Statement or Lease Agreement OR Current Utility Bill (water, gas, electric)
  • Copy of Certified Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Georgia Immunization Record
  • Georgia Eye, Ear, Dental Form


Please join us for our better than ever online auction!  We have amazing items to bid on including: 
*Principal for the Day*Forest Hills Golf *Guided after school painting parties*Disney passes and the ever coveted…*Carpool King or Queen!
Clink the link below to access our site. Happy Shopping and Thank You for supporting LFHE!  

The online auction will run from Tuesday, March 5th through Sunday, March 17th. All proceeds benefit the students and teachers at Lake Forest Hills Elementary, and the Lake Forest Hills Parent-Teacher Organization which provides IB sponsorship, playground equipment, classroom tools, Popcorn Fridays, and much more! Thank you for contributing to Lake Forest Hills!

PTO General Membership Meeting and Parent Orientation

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about the PTO and your student’s teacher!

What day, you ask? This Thursday, August 30th.

Will there be food, you wonder? Yes! There’ll be pizza and drinks for sale starting at 5:30pm.

When does the PTO Meeting start? It’s at 6:00.

Should I leave after the meeting? No! After the meeting there will be a parent orientation in individual classrooms.

Is that all, you query? Of course that’s not all! This is the LFH PTO! There’ll also be:

  • Free cookies and other giveaways from our Fall Fundraiser (Great American Fundraiser)!
  • New LFH Spirit Shirts for sale ($12 per shirt or $10 for members)!
  • State of the School Presentation with an Activity Calendar for the year and Volunteer Opportunities!

So join the PTO (if you haven’t already), buy a shirt and some pizza, and learn more from your child’s teacher about what to expect this year!

And remember: even if you don’t have time to volunteer, the membership dues make a huge difference!

NEW LFH T-Shirts

The new LFH t-shirts are here!

We have new shades of blue and a new design. Also, starting this year, we’re giving PTO members a discount on the t-shirts: the new t-shirts will be $10 for members (and they’ll continue to be $12 for non-members). Be sure to sign up for the PTO and buy a t-shirt tomorrow during Registration or Open House! Members will also be getting a new weekly email, which will include updates from Dr. Driggers, and – while supplies last! – a free car sticker.

Registration and Open House

Registration and Open House

  • LFH Registration: 8 AM to 3 PM on Fri Aug 3
  • LFH Open House: 3 PM to 7 PM on Fri Aug 3
  1. What is Registration?
    • Registration is the process by which RCBOE (the Richmond Counter Board of Education) collects all the information that is needed in order to enroll your child.
  2. Who needs to go?
    • According to RCBOE, “Parents of new or transferring (moved to a new school zone) students are required to complete registration. Student’s [sic: this is an improper use of the possessive] already legally registered in a school or school zone should only update registration on a regular basis to keep information current.”
    • It is possible to complete part of the registration process online. However, RCBOE states that “[o]nce you complete the online registration portion, you will need to go to your zoned school to provide additional documentation […].”
    • If your child has already been attending LFH, you will not need to re-register.
  3. What do I need to bring?
  4. If I have problems or questions, whom can I contact?
    • According to RCBOE, “Elementary Registration is conducted at the Central Office 864 Broad Street at the 1st floor help desk each Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00AM-5:00PM.”
    • However, you may join us on the LFH Registration Day and have your questions answered at our school by LFH faculty and staff.
  5. What is Open House?
    • The primary purpose of Open House is to meet your child’s new teacher.
  6. Who needs to go?
    • No one must go, but we encourage everyone to attend.
  7. What do I need to bring?
    • You don’t need to bring anything, although you may wish to drop off school supplies so that you don’t have to worry about your child lugging them all in on the first day of school.
  8. What else can I do when I visit the school this Friday?
    • There will be tables for the PTO, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and the Boys & Girls Club for the entire day.
  9. If I have problems of questions, whom can I contact?
    • Please contact the front office at 706-737-7317 or the LFH PTO (using Facebook or emailing us at
  10. Any final words?
    • Please take your time and, like our students, feel free to ask questions and explore!