Open Houses are Underway at LFH!

It’s hard to believe that the start of school is finally near! Our kids have given up a lot since they were last there: set bedtimes, set mealtimes, limits on screen time. But they were troopers and put up with it! And they’re ready. We’re ready. And LFH is ready!

Things will, of course, be different. LFH has worked hard over the last month to ensure that everyone feels ready and safe. And we have no doubt that our children will be putting their full IB learner profiles to use as we all work to be balanced and open-minded and caring. And there will be much about which they will inquire and on which they might reflect. And all of us – LFH Faculty and Staff, and LFH Parents and Guardians – will be there to help them.

Some things to keep in mind this week:

  1. Open Houses are underway at LFH. They are, of course, different this year. If you are unsure of your child’s teacher, just give LFH a call. There is a schedule here.
  2. The Richmond County Board meets tonight. Our Superintendent, Dr. Bradshaw, will give them his recommendations on F2F learning, and the Board will then vote. The meeting starts at 5 pm and will stream live here.
  3. We have the new 2020-2021 LFH t-shirts! They’re on sale now, and we’ll post soon with details on how to purchase them. They feature Symms Schweser’s winning design, and they were printed by Showpony as part of their We Give a Shirt campaign this summer. We made sure to get plenty of extras for those who missed them back in July.
  4. Finally, while the LFH PTO will likely work a bit differently this school year, we still have teachers and faculty we need to support, and your membership dues all go towards that. You can sign up and pay online here.

Thank you, everyone!

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