Volunteer Training Opportunity

Our next volunteer training opportunity will be on Thursday, August 31st at 10 AM. It will last for about 30 minutes and take place with the LFH Instructional Coach, Mrs. Douglas, in Room 6 of the Learning Cottage.

The training results in a volunteer card, which should be sent out around 2-3 weeks after the training. The cards will be given to students to bring home. Volunteers should keep their cards with them and sign in at the front office each time they work in the school.

Who needs a volunteer card? Anyone can get the card if they want to work with students; you do not have to be a parent or guardian. You must have one if you work with any student (other than your own) or with a small group of students. You don’t need them to attend field trips so long as you don’t work with or supervise students (other than your own) on the trip.

Also, as safety is a vital issue when it comes to volunteering, please note that a criminal background search is conducted before a card is issued.

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